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I don’t know why but this looks to me like I’m on an operation table receiving surgery from cats

Nevermind this is it


Chasing Stars at Mount Rainier (by Jared Atkins)

bold your favorites

1. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper?
2. Cats, dogs, horses, lizards or hamsters?
3. TVcinemacomputer, iPod or gaming console?
4. Rock, rappop, metal or punk?
5. Black, white, blue, redor green?
6. Salad, hamburger, ice cream, chips or fruit?
7. Kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school or college?
8. United States, Canada, Australia, France or England?
9. Swimming, fishing, tanning, theme parks or camping?
10. Snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, sledding or ice skating?
11. English, math, sciencehistory or art?
12. Gummy worms, lollipops, gum, chocolate bars or cotton candy?
13. Xbox 360, Gamecube, Playstation, Nintendo Wii or Handheld?
14. Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube or Google?
15. Cute guys, tough guys, smart guys, or hot guys?
16. Flats, heels, uggs, flip flops or skater shoes?
17. Early morning, noon, early afternoon, late afternoon or evening?
18. Bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen or attic?
19.Face-to-face, home phone, cell phone, instant messenger or twitter?
20.Skinny jeans, flared jeans, capris, shorts or skirts?
21. T-shirt, hoodies, tank top, tube top or halter top?
22. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Burger King or Dairy Queen?
23. Car, airplane, train, boat or walking?
24. Coffeetea, watermilk or soda? 
25. Drama, comedy,horror, action/adventure or thriller? (EVERYTHING)


kiss kick fall in love ♥

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job interviewer: where do you see yourself in 10 years?
me: most likely dead not that it matters because life is a never ending downward spiral of misery and suffering, has no meaning, and there is no god
job interviewer: ok



"So, where are we gonna go first?"  "That way. No hold on… That way"

(I would like to title this piece: perspective, I tried.)

Omg it’s so precious!!





I swear white people think oppression means not living in a castle.

"I face struggles myself. I work a minimum wage job to help my parents pay for my cable bill"

"I lived in an all black neighborhood and got picked last for basketball all of the time. They were so racist!"

"I asked for a 1.5 spicy they gave me 1.7 (T_T)"



White people in scary movies be like…

Wheres her oscar


just send a recording via text of me going BZZZ and my friend was so alarmed lmao

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